An easy to use, turn key platform
to grow your international and medical tourism service

Medical tourism market has been rapidly growing. Everyday there appear:
  • Unique medical technologies
  • New clinics new countries with attractive quotes

The wide range of existing opportunities catalyzes development. The market is changing, and changing rapidly. New companies gain a solid position on the market only a year or two after entering it, demonstrating a galloping exponential growth?

So, are there any technological solutions that would provide a clinic or an agent with opportunities for rapid growth and expansion on the changing market? Of course, there are!

The platform EasyCase is an online service for medical tourism agents for communicating directly with hospitals all around the world.

Not all medical tourism market players use advanced IT-platforms, but those who do have already established themselves as leaders on their respective markets.


Partnership Platform

Simultaneous access to all related parties in one system
Easy to collect responses and offer the most appropriate treatment based on client needs
Reduction of routine operations, focus on client needs
Streamlined realtime communication with hospitals, quick coordination of treatment plans
All updates and training materials in one interface

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We also provide custom solutions based on specific custom requests. Please contact us for more information.

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