A premier, cloud based HIPAA compliant online platform
to facilitate medical case collection and review
for domestic and international patient referrals

eRequest is a secure and HIPAA compliant referral case management solution that offers referring providers both domestic and international online access for sending patient cases to your organization. eRequest improves the referral process by bringing information gathering, document management, image collection, communications, and workflow management into one streamlined workspace securely available from anywhere.

eRequest replaces fax, email, phone calls and simplifies and speeds the referral process from any location.


Referral Management Platform

Simple workflow management and tracking
On Demand Financial and operational reports
Business Intelligence dashboard for Executive leadership
Easy processing of multiple formats for medical cases
Web-based radiology image interface

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Partnership Platform

There is an additional possibility from eRequest for Hospitals interested in international patients. If you want to reach more Medical Tourism Agents and get more international patients, go to EasyCase.

EasyCase – b2b online platform united Hospitals and Agents all over the world.

We also provide custom solutions based on specific custom requests. Please contact us info@erequestmed.com for more information.


Boston Children Hospital


External competitive pressure with international referrals from other regional hospitals
No clear insights on how to optimize a workflow of referral cases
No system in place to manage a complex line of international services
Challenge to grow international business aggressively but limited in operational processes


Secure, online access point to hospitals with premiere international referral clients to manage case requests and the referral process.
Case management system of the entire process for improved level of service and features to monitor growth's opportunities
Access point to provide tracking for clients - remove the 'black box' perception of the case referral process
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